Soffit Insulation

Soffit insulation can be installed to the underside of metal decking or concrete floors in order to achieve a lower 'U' Value, in accordance with the Building Regulations and the minimum requirements for that element of the building.

A 'U' value is a measure of heat loss. It is expressed in W/m2k, and shows the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre of material. The lower the 'U' value, the better the insulation provided by the insulating material and conversely, the higher the 'U' Value, the higher the heat loss. With increased energy costs and more stringent regulations good 'U' Values are important measures to ensure increased thermal performance. A range of finishes are available, including plain facing, or aluminium foil face. A calcium silicate facing board is also available and is particularly suited where the insulation could be exposed to impact or moisture.