Early Engagement

Early engagement in construction can yield significant benefits to all parties. It enables the identification of cost-saving opportunities during the planning and design phases, leading to optimised project budgets, improved project planning, enhanced design coordination and reduced material wastage.


Structural Steel Protection

Structural Steel Fire Protection involves various techniques to enhance the fire resistance of steel structures. Fire Protection methods include fire resisting boards, intumescent paint systems or sprays. These measures help maintain the structural integrity of steel components during a fire, providing crucial time for evacuation and firefighting, and preventing structural collapse. Certified fire protection systems protect the steel by providing a heat proof insulation designed to offer up to 240 minutes fire protection


Fire Stopping, Acoustic & Air Sealing

Building regulations outline the need for buildings to be divided into compartments, and specify the level of fire performance the compartment walls and floors need to achieve in order to preserve both building structure and life through fire and smoke containment. In most buildings, mechanical and electrical services breach compartment walls and floors allowing potential failure of fire integrity and insulation to occur where gaps around services have not been adequately or correctly fire stopped.


Soffit Insulation

Passive Fire Protection Soffit insulation can be installed to the underside of metal decking or concrete floors in order to achieve a lower ‘U’ Value, in accordance with the Building Regulations and the minimum requirements for that element of the building.


Electronic Logging & Reporting System

At Fireshield we know how important the visibility and management of costs are to ensure that programme targets and budgets are achieved. For this reason, we have spent time researching and investing in providing our application engineers with hand-held PDA’s ensuring that all completed installations are recorded in real-time and logged centrally which can then be accessed by our clients for a live view of cost and productivity information.


Remedial Work

Installing fire protection systems and carrying out remedial works in a legacy building involves careful planning and execution. It is essential to ensure that the systems meet current safety standards and regulations, and to consult with experienced fire protection professionals to ensure the proper installation and functionality of the system.


Fire Doors

Fire doors are crucial components in building safety. These specially constructed doors are designed to resist the spread of fire and smoke, helping to contain the flames and provide a safe exit route. Their integrity and resilience are vital for protecting property and, more importantly, saving lives during emergencies.

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